Penuche Fudge – Brown Sugar At Its Best

Penuche Fudge - Brown Sugar At Its Best | Dawn's RecipesIt’s confession time! I didn’t actually make the beautiful fudge pictured above. It’s one of my mom’s specialties, so I asked if she’d whip up a batch for me and let me post the recipe this week. I’m still adjusting to being a mom of two and recovering from my latest c-section, so she was kind enough to oblige. Aren’t moms great? Continue Reading →

Magic Cookie Bars

Magic Cookie Bars | Dawn's Recipes

This cookie recipe has been around forever. There are infinite variations of it around the Internet, sometimes under different names. My mother-in-law calls them Hello Dolly Bars. I got this version from my aunt at least a couple of decades ago. I debated posting yet another incarnation until a friend asked me recently for the recipe.

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